Town of Brookline Select Board

Browse videos, agendas, minutes, and notes related to meetings of the Town of Brookline Select Board, who’s responsible for licensing all marijuana retailers in the Town.

02/04/2020The Select Board interviewed another candidate for the newly-formed Cannabis Mitigation Advisory Committee, Kimberly Daly. She first identified herself as a resident of the Brook House, which--based on the very small number of NETA-related calls to the police from Brook House--is not actually located inside NETA's impact zone. This fact alone should have disqualified this candidate from serving on this committee. However, Daly then disclosed that she was, in fact, also an employee of NETA. Chair Greene responded to this disclosure by stating, "I don't think it's a conflict" and continued the interview. Read the full report of this interview.
01/28/20202 more candidates were interviewed for the Cannabis Mitigation Advisory Committee, both of whom lived in the impact zone for NETA (Brookline Village).
  • Kerri Ann Tester had been a vocal critic both of NETA's tremendous negative impact on public safety, motor vehicle traffic, and walkability in Brookline Village and of the Select Board's failure to regulate, monitor, and address the impacts reported by dozens of abutters since 03/23/2019.
  • Fred Levine was a self-identified "supporter of NETA" who told the Select Board on 11/12/2019: "I have personally not seen any negative impact on my house, on my street, or Brookline Village as a result of NETA's operation." As Select Board Member Heller points out here, it's unclear why someone who sees no impact is applying to be on a committee charged with addressing such impact.
01/21/20202 more candidates were interviewed for the Cannabis Mitigation Advisory Committee: Ana Otero and Dan Saltzman, both of whom live in the impact zone for NETA (Brookline Village). Both had been vocal critics of both NETA and the Select Board's failure to properly regulate the establishment. Saltzman was a Town Meeting Member from Precinct 6 who had been an advocate for more thoughtful regulation of marijuana retailers for many years.
01/14/20203 candidates were interviewed for the Cannabis Mitigation Advisory Committee: Donelle O'Neal , Anne Trecker, and Michael Zoorob. O'Neal and Trecker live in the impact zone for NETA (Brookline Village); Zoorob lives in the impact zone for Sanctuary (Coolidge Corner).
01/07/2020The Select Board authorized the Department of Public Works to use Mitigation Funds from NETA to hire a new, full-time "Motor Equipment Operator" who, according to Commissioner Pappastergion, will be responsible solely for "litter control around the marijuana dispensaries." The standard salary at this grade is $47,823, plus 30% "fringe" costs for full-time benefits.
12/17/2019NETA's 2020 license renewal hearing. For more details, a report from attendee and Walnut St resident Kerri Ann Tester is available.
12/11/2019The Select Board authorized the Police Department to use Mitigation Funds from NETA to hire 2 new Parking Control Officers and 3 new Patrol Officers.
According to the Brookline Tab, in 2019, "most of the top 25 earning town employees belong[ed] to the Brookline Police Department." In 2020, the salary range for these grades was between $47,000 and $63,000 per year--plus "fringe," or the costs of full-time benefits, which generally cost the Town an additional 30% of an employee's base salary.
12/03/2019Walnut St resident Kerri Ann Tester offered public comment on the work to be carried out by the newly-created "Cannabis Mitigation Advisory Committee."
11/26/2019The Select Board discussed and then voted on the final wording for the charge for the "Marijuana Task Force." This body was eventualy renamed the "Cannabis Mitigation Advisory Committee."
11/12/2019Public hearing for the Select Board to consider whether to support the 3 Cannabis Warrant Articles at the Fall 2019 3rd Special Town Meeting. Public comment was accepted at this hearing. Dozens of abutters attended the hearing, many of whom spoke during the Public Comment portion.
At the end of Public Comment (around the 5hrs 13mins mark), Precinct 1 Town Meeting Member Deborah Brown made a remarkable statement:
"I'm not even sure I even get to the Warrant Articles. If you have 400 complaints in a relatively short period of time, that, to me, constitutes a failure to live up to the terms of this agreement. And maybe a better discussion is whether their license should even be allowed to continue."
11/12/2019Voting portion (part 2 of 2) of the required 90-day review of NETA's "extended hours" trial. This vote was now taking place 5 months later than it was supposed to have been. No public comment took place during this session. The Select Board did vote unanimously to overturn the trial granting of extended hours and to restrict NETA's recreational marijuana retail hours (effective in early December) to 10am-8pm Mon-Sat and 12-6pm on Sundays.
Since not all of the extended hours were repealed (the original weekday closing time had been 7pm, not 8pm), Select Board Member Nancy Heller's amendment to include a 90-day review of these hours also was included in the motion that was approved; this follow-up review of NETA's hours will be due on March 3rd, 2020.
10/22/2019Public hearing portion (part 1 of 2) of the required 90-day review of the "extended hours" granted to NETA during their initial opening period. By this time, this hearing was four months overdue. Our leadership team had previously pointed out to the Select Board that the 90-day review, which they should have completed before the end of June 2019, had never, in fact, taken place.
10/15/2019Public comment offered by petitioners of the 3 Warrant Articles at the Fall 2019 2nd Special Town Meeting. Dan Saltzman, Paul Warren, Kate Silbaugh urged Select Board members to support the Warrant Articles, and then an abutter shared testimony of the impacts she's experienced from NETA--impacts she felt would be mitigated by passage of the 3 Warrant Articles.
11/27/2018Final language on NETA's recreational + medical marijuana license is debated and voted on.
11/20/2018NETA license debate.
09/13/2018The Select Board discussed the Zoning bylaw that would regulate the location of recreational marijuana retailer operations. This discussion officially launched the fall 2018 Town Meeting Warrant Article closing a zoning loophole that had been created at the spring 2018 Town Meeting; this loophole had allowed the 2 Comm Ave marijuana retailers to bypass the original zoning regulations that would have required them to be at least 200 feet apart. Select Board Member Ben Franco reassured the public: "To the extent that we are concerned about other impacts--non-streetscape impacts--of having abutting retailers, things like traffic or pedestrian concerns, I will point out that there is a robust licensing and hearing process that takes place, not only in front of this Board, but also other Boards and Commissions. So there is opportunity for those issues to be fleshed out, to be identified and to be mitigated as we go through the licensing process."
For details on how this "robust" process ended up working out after months of abutters' pleading with the Select Board to provide relief from the overwhelming impacts of NETA's recreational operations (which began in March of 2019), please refer to NETA's December 17, 2019 license renewal hearing.