Glossary & Acronyms

To the uninitiated, political and governmental jargon can be off-putting and frustrating. If you run across a term or acronym while using this site (or other related info sources), check to see if you might find a little more information.

And if you don’t find the info you need here, please let us know so we can add it!

TermDefinition / Description
DOBEsDisability-Owned Business Enterprises
LGBTQBEsLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Business Enterprises
MBEsMinority Business Enterprise
RMDRegistered Marijuana Dispensary
SDVOBEsService-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises
SBBrookline Select Board
STMSpecial Town Meeting (see Brookline's website for more details about Special vs. Regular Town Meetings)
TMMBrookline Town Meeting Member
VBEsVeteran Business Enterprises
WAWarrant Article, considered by Town Meeting
WBEsWomen Business Enterprises
Zoning districtsThree classes of zoning districts exist in Brookline, represented by 1 or 2 letter abbreviations.
ResidentialS = Single Family
SC = Single Family & Converted for Two-Family
T = Two-Family & Attached Single Family
M= Apartment House
BusinessL= Local Business
O = Business & Professional Office
G = General Business
IndustrialI = Industrial Services